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Our Ohio Adoption Agency can help you understand your choices, rights, and provide financial assistance when facing an unplanned pregnancy. If you are a birth parent thinking about making an adoption plan for your unborn or older child our Ohio Adoption Agency is here to help. Choose Adoption, Not Abortion

Older Child Adoption

Older Child Adoption
Building Blocks Adoption Agency, An Ohio Adoption Agency, will assist prospective adoptive parents with locating a child in the foster care system that is in need of permanent placement. We are able to assist adoptive families seeking to adopt older children or sibling groups here in the State of Ohio and nationwide. We are considered the best adoption agency in the State of Ohio.

Relative/Stepparent Adoption

Looking to Adopt?
Ohio Adoption Agencies are able to assist Grandparents, Relatives and Stepparents with legalizing the parent to child relationship through the act of adoption. Building Blocks Adoption Service Inc. is a full service Adoption Agency that provides various social services throughout the State of Ohio.

Newborn Adoption

Newborn Adoption
Building Blocks Adoption Service, A Christian Ohio adoption agency, will assist prospective adoptive parents with the location of a birth parent in need of an adoptive family and an adoption of a newborn through a private independent or agency led adoption either here in Ohio or Nationwide. Our Ohio Adoption Agency provides counseling, financial and emotional support services to Birthparents seeking to make an adoption plan for their unborn/born child they are currently parenting. Choose Adoption Not Abortion
We could not imagine going through the process without our wonderful guides and architects of our adoption journey, the staff at Building Blocks Adoption Service Inc., truly builds families one adoption at a time.” ...
“I never felt so relieved about my unplanned pregnancy until I spoke with my caseworker at Building Blocks Adoption in Ohio, she quickly alleviated my fears and eased my mind with making an adoption plan for my daughter.” ...
"I just wanted to say thank you for everything you have done for me during my pregnancy and adoption. This was one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do. But because God blessed me with such amazing people like at Building Blocks Adoption, I was able to get through this time with strength and support. You will all forever be in my heart. Thank you again for always being there for me when I was pregnant and even now after the adoption is completed. You are all the best. Love always Sue."


Whether you are pregnant and thinking adoption for your unborn child, or thinking of making an adoption plan for a child, We can help.

Building Blocks Adoption Service Inc. is able to provide PRIVATE adoption services to those placing a child, wanting to adopt a newborn, or wanting to create a legal bond between a stepchild or relative.

For more information on our services, visit our site at www.bbas.org/ohioadoptioninformation and request your free information packet today!

Private, Confidential Services provided throughout the State of Ohio.

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Ohio Adoption Agency providing adoption services to those individuals who are facing an unplanned pregnancy and thinking adoption as an option for their unborn child or a child they are currently parenting. We also provide adoptive parents with the resources to build their family through adoption. Our Ohio adoption agency can assist all individuals nationwide as well as those who are located throughout the entire State of Ohio, including but not limited to the Cleveland Ohio, Lodi, Seville, North Canton, Medina, Brunswick, Strongsville, Akron Ohio, Wadsworth, Wooster, Canton, Cincinnati, Youngstown, Boardman, Massillon, Wapakoneta, Ashland, Hamilton, Fairfield, Clermont county, Summit County, Medina County, Wayne County, Ross county, Chillicothe, Lorain, North Olmstead, Canton, Dayton, Columbus, Toledo and the surrounding areas. If you are facing an unplanned pregnancy, Think Adoption, Not Abortion. Seek adoption information through our Ohio adoption agency today. Ohio Adoption Agencies are licensed through the State of Ohio Department of Job and Family Service.